Selected research tasks realized in Cryosphere Research Department:

  • Glacial and periglacial geomorphology, sedimentology, contemporary morphogenetic processes, meteorological conditions, hydrology and glaciology in polar regions.
  • Water and sediments circulation in areas of river catchements and sea coasts in various morpho-climatic zones with special attention paid to cryogenic processes in cold regions.
  • Relief and deposits of last glaciation in north-western Poland.
  • Application of startigraphical and chronological methods in the interpretation of glacial deposits genesis.
  • Micromorphology of glacial and fluvial deposits.
  • Determination of rhythmically bedded deposits sedimentation conditions in proglacial basins.
  • Analysis of selected Cenozoic (especially Pleistocene) deposits consolidation with the use of in situ methods.
  • Investigations of late glacial and Holocene transformations of ice-sheet marginal zones relief in western Pomerania.
  • Human impact in mountains areas of selected morpho-climatic zones, in this: geomorphological transformations of relief in relation to touristic activity.
  • Dendrochronology (with special emphasis on shrubs in polar region and Alpine mountain belt).
  • The use of dendrogeomorphology in mountains and polar areas to investigate slope processes and human impact.
  • Tundra plants succession studies in proglacial and paraglacial areas.
  • Contemporary aeolian processes studies in polar and mountains areas.
  • Studies of dynamics and state of permafrost, polar regions periglacial environment characteristics.
  • Application of global navigation systems in environmental studiem, with special attention paid to polar and mountains regions.
  • Karst researches and speleology in relation to cave deposits, caves topoclimate and ice phenomena in caves.
  • Processes of lowlands rivers and lakes ice coverage, cryo-morphogenesis of sea coasts.
  • Nivation and its geomorphological effects.